Dress for success!

What to wear???

Well, the thing is being dressed for success is a cliché that like many has more than a grain of truth within. A consistent theme of the best performing golfers is their meticulous preparation not just before each shot but also before they even get to the course starting at the wardrobe.


Some go large in every sense like John Daly! Others prefer the retro look like Jesper Parnevik. Tiger’s famous red shirt on the last day was a conscious signal creating a relationship that his competitors and the world recognised to mean to that he was out to win again this Sunday.

Here at Hagley GC we believe in respecting the traditions of the game like Jesper and love to see flamboyant expressions of style like John Daly’s! No matter what you choose to wear as part of your preparation to make the most of your game all we ask is that you keep it tidy and tucked in so play your best knowing your are literally dressed for success!


This starts from the ground up and the Pro shop at Hagley GC’s Range & Academy stocks a wide range of FootJoy shoes the world’s leading golf shoe brand. Great golf swings are built on amazing footwork and smart shoes that look good and help you make the best swing possible are what FootJoy do best. The Pro shop staff are happy to advise on what style of show can help your golf more.

The Pro shop also stocks leading brands of golf clothing, including BOSS Golf, Galvin Green, FootJoy and ProQuip.

Everything you need to dress for success!