Rainfall 2023

Chart recording recent rain fall

Rainfall chart 1st January to 30th November 2023

It has been a challenging year for course maintenance and trying to find the balance between safe access to the course, protecting the course for future play and being able to maintain the course with machinery. All of these factors have been largely determined by the volume of rain experienced so far this year. Over the past few years the green keepers have kept a record of daily rain fall using a rain gauge positioned on the fence in their yard.

Here’s a chart that describes the daily rainfall recorded with less than 5mm in the lightest blue, 5-9mm darker blue and 10mm above in darkest blue. For every 1mm of rain measured approximates to 1 litre of water on every 1 sq/m of the entire golf course. The recent drainage work has helped the course cope with the very heavy rain but as you can see below the volumes and frequency of rain fall would test any course it to the limits.

Hopefully the cooler, drier weather since mid-November persists and the course has a chance to recover. We’ll share this kind of info with you periodically to keep the works on and around in context relative to the conditions that affect them.