Club Etiquette & Dress Code

Course Rules and Etiquette

  1. Day Visitors, Guests and Society organisers must report to the Pro-Shop on arrival to verify their booking and confirm the arrangements for the day.
  2. While jackets and ties are not required in the Sports Bar or the Members Lounge, dress must be always of smart casual attire.
  3. Golf shoes are not allowed in the main clubhouse area, whether they are spiked or rubber soled. Conventional shoes must be worn at all times, other than in the sports bar where golf shoes or trainers are permitted. Sports bags must not be left lying around in the communal areas of the clubhouse.
  4. On the course, only recognised and conventional golf clothing and footwear to be worn. Tailored shorts only may be worn on the course. (Football or running type shorts are not accepted forms of wear).
  5. The wearing of vest style, sleeveless, collarless or slogan tee-shirts is not allowed in the Clubhouse or on the course and associated areas.
  6. Braces must not be visible outside clothing and trousers must not be tucked into socks unless underneath waterproof trousers. Caps must be worn the right way round.
  7. Please use the locker rooms when changing golf attire, including shoes.
  8. Mobile telephones should be switched to silent mode whilst on the course and used for emergency calls only.
  9. Buggies and trolleys are not allowed on tees or greens and buggies must be driven with care at all times. Follow pathways where these are provided.
  10. Each player must have a bag of clubs. Sharing a bag is not allowed.
  11. Play without undue delay – slow play will not be tolerated. Invite matches behind through if you lose a ball or lose one clear hole on the match ahead.
  12. Replace divots, repair pitch-marks and rake bunkers after use.

Dress Standards

Members and visitors are requested to change in the facilities provided, either in the locker rooms or in the driving range.

Mobile phones must be switched to silent and be used only in case of emergency.

Player’s dress on the course must be smart and of an acceptable standard normally associated with the game of golf. We also expect golfers to display courtesy, etiquette and sportsmanship at all times. This is the spirit of the game.

Starting at the top, peaked caps should be worn the right way round – please.

Shirts should have a collar, polo neck or modern style mock neck, and should be tucked into the waistband.

Golf shoes must be worn, with hard or soft spikes, or a ribbed sole.

No denim jeans, track suits, camouflage or cargo trousers, or the like. Trousers must not be tucked into socks unless covered by wet weather trousers.

No denim shorts, beach shorts, camouflage or cargo shorts, or the like.

Mobile phones should be switched to silent, and should be used for emergency use only.

(Ladies should take note of their own particular byelaws regarding standards of dress, as posted in the Ladies locker room.)

Enjoy your game. You will help others enjoy theirs if you follow these simple Bye-Laws.

Failure to observe these rules may result in you being asked to leave the course.