Opening Hours

We change our opening hours in March and October, annually to reflect the Summer and Winter seasons.*

Our Winter opening hours are as follows

DayClubhouseFoodDriving Range*
Sunday8am – 5pm8am – 4pm9am - 4pm
Monday9am – 5pm9am – 3pm9am – 9pm
Tuesday9am – 10pm9am – 8pm (Clubnight)9am – 9pm
Wednesday9am – 5pm9am – 3pm9am – 9pm
Thursday9am – 8pm9am – 5pm9am - 9pm
Friday9am – 9pm9am – 7pm9am – 7pm
Saturday8am – 6pm8am – 3pm9am – 6pm

These are a guide and can be amended accordingly for competitions, private functions, live sporting events and the weather. Please check V1 for any updates.

*Last balls available 45 mins before close