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Membership Application Form

1st April 2024 – 31st May 2025 (14-Month Golf Year)

If you’d prefer to fill out our membership form in paper format please download it here. Otherwise please fill out the form below.

    Category From 1st April VAT Total
    Full 7-Day Membership  £1342.49 £268.51 £1611.00
    5-Day Membership £990.00 £198.00 £1188.00
    Intermediate/Student (A) 18 - 21 £371.67 £74.33 £446.00
    Intermediate (B) 22-25 £665.83 £133.17 £799.00
    Intermediate (C) 26-29 £955.83 £191.17 £1147.00
    Additional Items

    a) Golf Union Fees (Charged by the Local and National Golf Unions)

    • Intermediate & Adult Male £21.75 + VAT = £26.10
    • Intermediate & Adult Lady £21.75 + VAT = £26.10

    b) Club Membership Cards

    • Adult (Over 29) £50.00
    • Intermediate A,B & C £25.00
    • Country Membership £25.00

    c) Joining Fee (applicable to new members from 1st June 2024)

    • £300.00
    Our Joining Information
    • Our subscription year starts 1st April 2024.
    • For members joining after the 1st April 2024, the subscription fee will be charged pro- rata with the number of months remaining up to 31st May 2025.
    • The membership fee can be paid by monthly direct debit through Novuna Finance*
    • No refunds are made if you terminate your membership before the end of the 31st May 2025
    • County membership is available for those, who are a member of another club, their 'Home Club', and their main residence is more than 40 miles from Hagley Golf Club.

    *Credit will be your responsibility once applied and approved

    When your membership application has been received by us you will receive a call from us inviting you to come along to meet with us at a mutually convenient time for a coffee and a chat. We will then issue you further information about the Golf here along with details of your Clubhouse and your membership benefits. We look forward to hearing from you!

    By providing the above details you consent to Hagley Golf Club contacting you regarding Club matters. Details can be removed at any time upon request.