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90 Degree Rule

As described in previous updates about winter course management we will sometimes post a request for GC buggies and personal ride on vehicles to follow the route planner and 90 degree rule. The 90 degree rule means all buggies and personal ride on vehicles must remain on the route planner at all times. As the pictures below illustrate the process should be:

1. Play from the tee with buggy/personal ride on parked on route.
2. Follow route to a point adjacent, or at 90 degrees, to the position of your ball. Then, select your club, leave the buggy/personal ride on vehicle parked on the route and walk across to play your shot
3. Play your shot from adjacent to where your buggy/ride on vehicle is parked on the route
4. Return to the buggy/ride on vehicle, continue following the route and your progress around the course this way
Thank you