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Bunker and irrigation improvements on 14th and 12th holes

As part of the continuing improvements to all areas of the course the greens staff have been hard at work on the green side bunkers and irrigation system on 14th and 12th holes.

The pictures below show how the process of digging out old contaminated sand (i.e. sand that had stones, weeds etc. in it), is followed by checking the drainage system and/or repairing this where necessary. Once the old sand has been removed and the drainage is cleared fresh clean gravel is laid in the base of the bunker, followed by weed protection material to prevent contamination. This is overlaid with clean astro which again prevents contamination and provides an excellent stable yet porous base for drainage and playing bunker shots.


The green side irrigation on 12th hole is being repaired and improved whilst machinery is in place for bunker renovations.

As this work has meant the use of machinery some areas around the 12th in particular have been affected. These will be marked as No Play Zones before this weekend’s March Medal competition, with a Drop Zone marked toward the front of the green. The No Play Zone will remain until the ground has recovered for play to resume. An area at the back of the 12th green that has become unplayable will also be marked out ready for new turf to be laid over the next few weeks.

Further course updates with more detailed plans and timelines will be shared with you all over the next few weeks.