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Competitions News – 1st May 2023


Congratulations To Dan Kavanagh for winning this weekends monthly medal with a 68. Also well done to Thomas McGovern and Jack Dowdeswell for winning your respective divisions.

Also, if you missed the news yesterday, massive congratulations to our Hagley Scratch Team for winning the Droitwich Shield. Playing Kings Norton at Blackwell Golf Club, Hagley won out in the end 2-1. Well done again chaps. Fantastic team showing but the most impressive individual performance of the day has to go to me for walking out of the bar just as the beers were beginning to flow.

In other good news for the club, Hagley entered 3 teams into the open competition at Enville last Sunday and the ‘A’ team came through victorious finishing 16 under on the Lodge course. Another win for Hagley!

All the qualifiers for our knockout competitions have now been played and the draws made. You should have received an e-mail notifying you if you have made it through to the knockout stages of the comps. Please get in touch with your opposing players to sort out matches as soon as possible. The deadline dates for each round are posted on Club V1. Any issues, please just get in touch with me.

We still have a couple of late tee times available for the open AMAM on Sunday. Please get your names down on the sheet if you fancy joining in.

Handicaps News

Well done for all the great scores achieved in the Roes Bowl last weekend. Under WHS guidelines rule 7.1a we will be cutting pairs who have shot 63 or better,  then applying rule 5.9, exceptional scores. Obviously, ‘placing through the green’ was in effect for this competition and this will be taken into account for these calculations. All scores 9 and 10 under will receive a shot cut. All scores 11 and 12 under will receive a 2-shot cut .

These Handicap amendments apply to both players regardless of how many times either player came on the card.

Neil Johnstone Handicap Chair

I understand that many of you are asking when the course will become ‘qualifying’ again, allowing us all to restart putting cards in for handicap purposes. Please be assured that we are addressing this question on a daily basis. Unfortunately, when we have a good days weather and feel we may have turned the corner as far as the rain is concerned, the weather gods seem to have different ideas for the following day. As some of you may know, should a club wish to continue as a ‘non-qualifying’ course from 1st May onwards, special dispensation is required from the county. We have received a notification that Worcester County have advised, as a blanket rule to all clubs in the county, that a 2 week extension has been granted. This is obviously in response to the incredibly wet last couple of months that many clubs are fighting against.

Finally, you’ve probably noticed the pro shop has changed a little over the past few days! Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible with our new-look pro-shop coming into force. In the meantime, everything is open, as usual.

As always, thanks everyone for your support