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Competitions News – 27th March 2023


Again, thanks for bearing with me regarding the postponement of the Spring Handicap Trophy yesterday. As I mentioned in my notification, the decision was taken very much with the weather forecast in mind balanced with trying to give you all ample notice as to whether the comp would be on or not. I believe the correct decision was taken and hopefully you all understand where I was coming from. All entrants should have received their entry fees back from the competition.

Right, we’re going to try again! As we’ve space in the calendar, I’m re-re-rescheduling the Bill Evitts Texas Scramble (everyone loves a scramble?) for next Saturday, 8th April 2023. Rather than bringing across previous tee sheets etc, we’re starting from scratch and the early sheet will be announced in the clubhouse tomorrow evening, Tuesday 28th March, from 7.30. As usual the sheet will go live on Thursday morning at 9am. Finger crossed for next Saturday!

Finally, anyone who would like to collect their trophies but were unable to make it to presentation evening, please could you contact me on and I can arrange for your prize to be left behind the bar so you can collect it when you’re next up the club.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got this week.

As always, thanks for your support