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Course Update

What a difference a few weeks make, it is so nice to see all the major areas of the course looking in such good condition, with clear definition of the fairways, greens running faster and truer and the tees in relatively good condition.  Can I please ask that you use the boxes on each of the tees to fill in your divots as we do endeavour to keep these topped up.
The teams are working in cutting back the rough around the ditches, ponds, base of trees, etc.. Many of you will have seen the raised beds being weeded in preparation for the receipt of the bedding plants / shrubs that will arrive next week, this will add to the aesthetic look of these areas.  Work has started in earnest on clearing all the ditches, as we are now in receipt of the new digger, also defining the boundary of the course via a major or minor ditch.  We have already cleared ditches on the 1st and 6th holes and while excessive growth on some hedgerows are creating issues in certain areas, there are many internal ditches to work on where we do not have this issue, while we look to clear the hedgerows back in the other areas.  This project will take some time. The bunkers by the short game area and on selected holes on the course are being topped up with fresh sand to improve playability. Following consultation with the construction company that built the short game area we will be over seeding and irrigating the pitching green for another 2 weeks prior to opening. In the meantime signage and rope fencing will be placed around the area. This will indicate the new drop zone at the rear of the 9th and signage will request you to use the car park to reach the 10th tee.
You will have seen the news article calling for willing volunteers to help out on areas of the course, this will allow our skilled greens teams to work machinery and focus on bigger projects.  If you are able to spare time some afternoons, your support would be greatly appreciated.
David Wilkes, Greens Chairman