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Course Update

Course maintenance continues to pay dividends. In particular regular top dressing, rolling  and mowing means we can enjoy putting on greens in excellent condition. The greens mower units have been refurbished this week and will be cutting at their best again for the next few months. The regular refurbishment of the greens mower units is a necessary part of maintenance for this machinery as the greens team apply significant amounts of top dressing (light sand covering on the greens) to reduce organic matter (thatch/mosses in particular) and ensure the surface remains strong enough to cope with regular mowing at low cut heights and rolling too.
As the definition of cuts on other playing areas continues to improve. helped by the recent application of growth regulator to the fairways, the greens team have turned their attention to tidying up other areas not usually in play. Strimming around the water hazards on the 8th hole is a good example of such work. This all adds to the presentation of the course at its best through the season. The plants have now arrived for the new bedding areas on the practice putting green, 1st tee, and 3rd/9th tees. They will be planted over the next few weeks.
The greens team have recently trialled machinery which you may see out and about on the course. This includes a ‘Vibro Roller’ and a seed applicator attachment for the greens machinery. We hope the trials prove successful and will update you as they progress. That we are continuing to research and trial more machinery to improve the quality and efficiency of course maintenance is evidence that we recognise the golf course is our most important asset and top priority for investment.

Have a great week on the course!