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Course update

Course Maintenance

Over the last week or so you will have noticed the effects of fairway scarification to ensure the grass plant continues to grow tall and therefore mowing is as effective as possible. Flattened plant growth makes for uneven cutting lengths and reduces the consistency of the lie experienced by players on the fairways. Scarification encourages the grass plant to grow vertically and allows mowers that are set at a height of 12-14mm to produce a consistent cut and so a consistent lie when your ball finds the fairway. Just as on the putting greens scarification also helps to reduce thatch (inorganic matter) that doesn’t drain as effectively as or provide as consistent a playing surface as a well-maintained fairway.

Greens aeration has been repeated in this last week. They were then fertilised. These processes are necessary to keep the greens in good condition throughout the season and hopefully well into autumn too

Short Game Area Opening 29th June

As described in previous course updates the short game area has been regularly assessed for to ensure it will be ready for the expected volume of play in its first few weeks. The green area was reseeded last week on the advice of the specialist construction contractor that built the area last summer. With regular irrigation and other maintenance, we are pleased to confirm the opening date will be Saturday 29th. There will be a specific update describing how we would like the area to be used and the addition of a drop zone at the rear of the 9th green will be sent at the end of the week.

Tree clearance program 2024

The Greens Committee has created a priority list of areas for tree clearance. This has now been agreed with the Greenkeeping team and work will begin on the 16th hole in a few weeks’ time. More information will be shared with you about this closer to the time.