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Course Update

Again, even following heavy rain earlier in the week, we see the course continuing to improve.  As previously reported and pictured below, we were able to get out and Hollow Tine and dress the greens earlier in the week, which is an improvement on what we were able to do in 2023 and we should all see the benefit of this in the weeks ahead.
As the course dries out, we are looking at finishing off all of the course improvement projects that were started over the winter, before we get into the main ‘growing season’ where the focus will be on course maintenance by the Green’s Team. As pictured below the team have been able to utilise the mowers and Ventracs in combination and now mow and blow grass from the fairways and rough to ensure the playing areas are well presented and playable.  You will see Astroturf being placed strategically around the course in the coming weeks, in preparation for completing the paths that we have begun and for those to come.
It is clearly evident by the photos below that some do not wish to use the winter mats and tee off from outside of the tee markers on the grass.  In addition, when taking divots, they do not even show the courtesy to repair these.  If this action is witnessed by anyone, I implore you to report this back to Committee, so actions can be taken against these individuals.
As many of you will see, there is a lot of work being carried out on the course, as we look to keep on top of cutting, but also treating Greens and getting Bunkers back into play.  Can I please ask that all golfers keep the safety of our green’s team of the highest importance while out on the course.  The green’s team have their work to do, they are mindful of golfers, and will make way to allow us to play as soon as they can.  DO NOT play into greens, while these are being maintained, again, until you are called on to do so.  The committee have asked the Green’s Team to report to committee of any one who blatantly disregards this message, and we will deal with these accordingly.
David Wilkes,
Chairman of Greens.