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Course Update

As we now are experiencing more warmer, drier days, their is greater emphasis on course maintenance to keep on top of the rapid growth we are now seeing.  We have received the large Toro fairway mower back from winter maintenance this week, this will help.  We have taken receipt of the heavy roller, this has enabled us to compact the newly laid paths, that will then enable us to lay sand in preparation for the Astroturf.
You will have seen that with all the Greens that were hollow tined recently, many of the greens have now been dressed twice, with the Green’s Team hand brushing the sand into the thatch of the grass.  I personally have already seen an improvement in our Greens, we hope that you have also.  These will only get better in the coming weeks, with sunshine and rain forecast.  Approximately 180 Tonnes of Sand will be used on our course this year, as we continue the initiatives that we have to enhance your course. The recent conditions have also enabled the greens team to ‘Earthquake’ our wettest greens. This process slits the grounds up to 10″ below the surface, de-compacting the soil at these depths means drainage work closer to the surface is far more effective.
Next week, we take receipt of a new digger, that is specially designed, with a bucket that will rotate, that is particularly beneficial when clearing / excavating ditches and bunkers.
Trials have taken place this week with a ‘Robot Mower’, this was to assess the feasibility of such equipment at Hagley Golf Club in the future.  I can only liken this machine to that over the robot vacuum cleaners that you can get for your home.  On one charge, the machine was able to cut 1st, 9th and 2nd fairways between 9:00 pm – 7:00 am, before docking back into its self-charging station.
With the white sand / seed containers have been in position on the 1st tee for some weeks, these will also be positioned in the rack on the 10th Tee also.  Please remember, if you are taking these put onto the course, they can be refilled from the sand / seed boxes that are positioned on all Tees.
From the 1st May, all winter tees are now out of play (unless extreme weather prevents this) and the grass tees are being used throughout the course.  Again, can I please ask that you fill your divots that you may make on the tees.
We have been instructed by Severn Trent Water that urgent repair work needs to be undertaken on the culvert access in front of the 3rd / 9th Tee.  This work will be done on 8th,  9th and 10th May, where temporary tees will be prepared to play from.  Strictly no one is to use the current 3rd / 9th Tee, for obvious Health & Safety issues, as Severn Trent workers perform the work.