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Course Update

As we see our course continue to recover from the unprecedented rainfall that we have seen over the winter, the clubs first ‘Open’ was played this week in the Ladies 3-Ball Alliance.  It was very pleasing to receive many plaudits from the Ladies on the condition of the course and how this was set-up for the event.  We are soon to reduce the cut on the fairways from 17mm to 14mm and on the Greens from 4.5mm to 3.5mm, as we see our course dry out further.  This will further enhance the course and playing conditions

Please be aware that tree clearance work will be in progress for most of the day on Saturday 18th May. The trees that prevent sufficient daylight reaching the 2nd competition tee are being removed by professional tree fellers. Please take acre in the area and follow the instructions given around the working zone to ensure safety.
Ditch clearance has now begun with the OB on the left of 10th and hazard on left of 1st holes being cleared in the last few days. This is a time consuming task but makes a big difference to the appearance of the course.
With all the work that is being carried out on and around the course it is very important that we all take care to ensure those carrying the works are safe at all times. There have been recent reports of golfers playing whilst greens staff have been in the line of play which have been ‘near misses’. Very simply if you would not play a shot if another golfer was in the same position please do not play whilst a greenkeeper is there. They greenkeepers all have many years experience and/or are golfers themselves and appreciate the desire to keep pace of play going. However, the safety of our greenkeepers is the priority as they continue there work on the course.
To help support the  green keeping team and maintain Hagley Golf Club to the highest standards that we can, I would like to formulate a group of volunteers from within the membership, to assist on certain projects.  While the majority of the projects like divot filling, maintenance of borders, etc do not require a specific skill set, if you do have qualification to drive tractor units, or heavier equipment, then this may have added benefit to this volunteer group.
If you are interested  in supporting this initiative, could you please either mail me on:; or SMS me on 07916 217516.  We would greatly appreciate any support that you could provide.

Thank you