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Custom Fit at Hagley Golf Club

Take advantage of the Hagley GC members only free fitting to get ready for the 2024 season

As we head out of January and the golf season is now getting closer every day making sure you have the best opportunity to play your best means having clubs that fit you and your game. Every year the leading manufacturers surpass performance of previous models and this year is no exception. As you can see from the gallery below Ping, TaylorMade and Callaway have all launched new products and we at Hagley GC have the fitting kit for each so you can trial them and get fitted for the best for your game.

Fitting studio full of demo kit and fitting events already in the diary

The fitting studio at Hagley GC (pictured below with PGA Pro and custom fitter Finlay Clark) is adding more hardware everyday. Finlay and the team are ready to offer you combinations of shaft and club head that will help you find that extra bit of distance, consistency, or accuracy… Hopefully all three of these!

Along with all the kit we have on site we will have a full schedule of fitting days with leading manufacturers for you to enjoy. The first date for your diary is:

Hagley GC member Dan finds more accuracy thanks to fitting with Tom and the new Callaway AI Smoke driver

As Dan discovered when being fitted for his new driver with Hagley GC’s custom fitter Tom, accuracy is a key feature manufacturers are building into drivers for 2024. With so many drivers delivering additional ball speed and distance over the last few years the trend toward keeping the ball on the golf course is clear in 2024. Dan’s dispersion, the mean difference in where drives finished relative to the target line, improved significantly thanks to the amazing design features in the AI Smoke leading to a squarer club face at impact more often. Dan is already finding more fairways and enjoying his golf more thanks to his Custom Fit at Hagley Golf Club.

There will be more from the Custom Fit, Pro Shop, Range and Coaching team throughout 2024. Keep an eye out for the new look web pages coming soon and follow the fitting and pro shop team @hagleyproshop on socials.