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Course Update: New Ventrac, Traffic Policy & 3rd/9th Tee Development

Ventrac II 

As announced a couple of weeks ago as part of the continued commitment to the golf course’s development and improving maintenance a second Ventrac tractor was ordered. We are delighted to say it arrived on Friday 3rd November along with the blower and wide area mower. With two of these on site along with attachments for thick rough, blowing, semi-rough and the power roller you will see them in action most days.

Traffic Policy Reminder

Please see below the main points covered by the Traffic Policy as per the link attached to the daily Club V1 course update. This version of the policy has been in place since the adoption of the Golf Course Management Policy last year. The purpose of the Traffic Policy is to give you as GC members the greatest possible opportunity to play the course safely as possible whilst ensuring it is presented in a playable condition during the winter season.

Electric Trolleys

The Club reserve the right to restrict the use (of electric trollies)  to those fitted with ‘Winter Wheels’. In wet conditions it may be requested that golfers use
paths with electric trollies and follow the 90-degree rule. Or to use carry bags, if possible, to minimise damage and reduce risk of accidents with electric trollies.

– Course Topography Considerations & Restrictions

Due to the historic layout of the Hagley Golf Club’s course, in particular holes 10-18, consideration has, and continues, to be given to the potentially hazardous nature of this section of the course for electric trollies. Reasonable measures have been taken, and are planned to continue, with paths in areas that will enable the use of electric trollies safely. However, in extremely wet conditions electric trollies may not be permitted on these holes.

90-degree rule

Golfers are requested to retrieve and/or play their ball by entering and exiting the fairway at a 90-degree angle from designated route/pathway, leaving their buggy, ride on vehicle or trolley on the designated route/pathway as described in the Club V1 course update, determined by the daily course inspection.

Carry only

In very wet conditions the topography of the course is such that using an electric trolley may be judged to be a Health & Safety risk. In these circumstances it will be necessary to allow golfers to play using only a carry bag.

The measures described in the Traffic Policy are means toward the outcome we all want, which is to open the course as often as possible for play. 

The Traffic Policy and other important documents can be found on this link HERE

Work on 3rd/9th Tees 

Following the successful landscaping project around the 13th green and 14th tee last year we are happy to inform you a similar redevelopment is planned for the 3rd/9th tees next week. As pictured the plan is to introduce raised beds and ropes that not only improve the area’s appearance but also ensures that the steps are used to reach the 3rd tees and the 9th tees are walked to by following the route at the rear of the 3rd tees.  This should reduce the wear that has occurred over the years on both tees.

Weather depending work is due to begin on Tuesday, and there will be temporary tees in play for both the 3rd and 9th. There will also be new winter tee mats (replicating that installed on the 3rd tee last year) installed on the par 3’s, 6th, 12th & 17th. Alongside this work on the practice putting green will continue and updates on both projects will be shared with you next week.