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Greens update – Winter Course set up begins and 10th/11th path works

Although the course has been coping with recent rain very well it is now necessary to begin roping off some areas of the course. This is primarily to direct golf trollies in particular toward paths. From this weekend, 5th November, it will also be mandatory for all electric trollies to have winter wheels. There are gates in the roped off areas suitable for those using carry bags to walk through. If you can carry your golf clubs, it will certainly be worth considering this through the winter golf season. Please try to avoid climbing over ropes or moving them from where they are placed. Please also try to use the paths where possible especially in very wet conditions.

Club V1 Course Status updates are very important for you to refer to at this time of year. Over the past week or so it has been necessary to keep the course closed at the start of the day for inspection. Greens staff need time to complete inspections and the timings of these, and any reinspection, will always be clearly described in all Club V1 Course Status updates. For more information, please refer to the Golf Course Policy Document HERE


The work on pathways from 10th green to 11th tee is progressing well. As pictured below the temporary path closest to the 10th green is being removed. The plan is to ‘earthquake’ this area to decompact and aid drainage. Then to place new turf or grass seed for renovation. If this work succeeds the area will be back in play for the start of next season. In the meantime, the area will be a No Play Zone. The existing path beside the bell on 10th will be re-laid to adjoin the new path to 11th tee using the better astro material.