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More investment for the course & Winter course status updates

New machinery for the greenkeeping team 

Following the success of our first Ventrac tractor and attachments we are delighted to inform you that we will soon have a second tractor with additional attachments that will enable the green keeping team to better maintain the course all year round. A particular benefit of the Ventrac tractor is its ability to work across wet terrain and steep slopes allowing green keepers to safely reach areas of the course that other machines could not. The other key feature is the variety of tasks that can be carried out across the course with the different attachments we now have available. Pictured below are just some…


These are the contour mower used for slopes/surrounds and other areas, the leaf blower and tough cut for very overgrown areas, plus the wide area mower for rough and semi-rough. We also have the power brush which helps keep the paths and other areas tidy. We are confident this additional machinery will have a very positive effect on the course this winter and through into the season 2024. For more information follow the link HERE

Winter course status updates

With the end of the unseasonably dry and warm weather it is important that we all prepare for the changes necessary to enjoy our golf as much as we can these next few months. The morning Course Status updates via the V1 app will now describe that we have various forms of winter rules in play. These will also be displayed on the notice board by the 1st tee. These will include a combination of:

Placing closely mown – Placing through the green  – Non-qualifying course – Temporary greens in play – Please be aware of NPZ and DZs – ‘Flogs’ in play

If you ever have any questions about these updates please get in contact or speak to a member of the team on the Pro Shop.

Roping off

Roped off areas are those we know from past experience are prone to being affected by wet weather and it is really appreciated if you can follow the routes these create. Also, if there is very wet weather please carry if you can and keep trollies on paths. We are aware that some paths need repair and will be working through these areas in the next few weeks

Buggy route planner

Some mornings in winter you will see the instruction to keep buggies/personal ride on vehicles on the route plan and follow the 90 degree rule. For those of you not familiar with what this means here are examples of the route expected to be followed and crucially areas in red that are strictly out of bounds for buggies. Most of these areas will be roped off for trollies also. The full route plan is available by following the link – ROUTE PLANNER LINK

Your next course update will be at the end of October. Enjoy your golf in the meantime.