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Pitchmarks and Players 1st Survey

Have you repaired a pitchmark?

Its great to see the hand mowers having a positive effect upon the greens and reducing the wear and tear of heavy machinery.  However, this is in vain if pitchmarks are not repaired on putting greens. It is very important that whenever your ball makes a pitchmark you repair it. Plus, if you notice others and you have the short time required to repair them you please do so. In amongst some of the new look signage on the course you may notice a polite reminder asking if you have done so. When pitchmarks are repaired quickly after being made it helps the greens recover and all the work with hand mowers worth it!

Reminder to look out for Players 1st Survey

Tomorrow many of you will receive an invite to complete a survey about your experience of Hagley GC. This was first sent in 2019 and as so much has happened since then the time is right to seek your opinion. It will be really useful to have as much feedback as possible on all aspects of the Golf Club. Your feedback regarding the course will be especially useful as we begin our review of the Course Development Programme as described in the Golf Course Management Policy document. If you don’t receive your survey invite please email But please double check you ‘Junk/Spam’ folders first!

Thanks in advance for taking the time to complete the survey.  There are 3 weeks to complete and you’ll receive a couple of reminders too. We hope to share an overview of the results with you all in January.