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Winter Alliance 2023/24

Winter Alliance Competition 2023

Booking is now open for the 2023-24 Winter Alliance. Please input your pairs team through Club V1.

First round to be played on 21st October so please get your names down asap!

New for 2023
The Winter Alliance rounds this year will take place on a Saturday, rather than a Sunday.

Reasoning for this is that, should the competition round be cancelled, Sunday will still be left as an option for ‘weekend golfers’ to play on the weekend, should conditions improve.


Objective – To win the Winter Alliance League by posting the 3 best scores from a possible 5 rounds.
Entrance Fee – £40 per pair. This covers 5 rounds at the usual £4 per competition entry fee.
As always, 100% of entry fees will be paid out in prizes or used to cover trophy expenses for the competition.

The league will be played in the following formats:
Round 1 – Betterball Stableford
Round 2 – 2 Man Texas Scramble. 7 tee shots required per player.
Round 3 – Betterball Stableford.
Round 4 – 2 Man Texas Scramble. 7 tee shots required per player.
Round 5 – Stableford. Front 9 holes betterball. Back 9 holes, both scores to count.

Should any of the rounds be cancelled, the format will continue as written (ie a scramble will not carry over if that round is cancelled)

Winter Alliance Scoring

Points will now be awarded in accordance with your position on the leaderboard from 1st place to last for any given round.

For example, should we get 40 pairs playing, first place will be awarded 40 points, second place, 39 points, third place, 38 points and so on. Any disqualifications will receive 0 points.
Your best 3 rounds in points scored will be tallied up after the date of the 5th Round and the pair with the most points will win the league.

Winter Alliance Rules – As Before (To Refresh Your Memory)
The league will be played over 5 months from October to February inclusive and your best 3 points total from all available rounds will be combined to give you a total score.
After 3 rounds have been completed, any cancelled rounds will not be re-arranged. This also applies if a round has been started but has been called off mid-way through the competition. Once 3 cards are in, the competition can be called.
Competitors must be 7 day, full, or intermediate members. This also applies to substitutes. Each pairing will be allowed one substitute each but a substitute cannot be used in the final fixture providing the previous 4 rounds have been completed.
If a player is unavailable on the day of the fixture and/or no substitute is available, his partner can still play in the fixture and provided he completes the entire round by himself, he will be allowed to play off his full handicap (up to a max. of 28).
If for any reason a team’s playing opponents fail to turn up on time the team may play and on trust will be allowed to mark their own card. If any member has to pull out of the alliance fixture due to ill health, injury, personal problems etc. the alliance organisers may find a suitable replacement for that team.
In the event of a tie for first place, a play off using an 18 hole betterball format will be held to decide the outcome. any other ties within the prizes, money will be shared.

The competition will be run in accordance with the rules of golf and Hagley Golf Club competition rules and local rules.

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