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Winter course update

Following the exceptionally heavy rain this weekend the course has faired well compared to some but will need a few days dry weather to get back to form. Here’s an example of just one area affected to the right of the 6th green.

Although we are confident main greens will stay in play most of the time, in preparedness for reopening temporary greens are now being marked out with blue circles on all 18 holes. Please DO NOT play from these . It will be really appreciated if instead you take relief from these areas for no penalty. Pictured below is the temporary green marked out on the 2nd hole.

As noted in a previous update the roping off of  is an important means of protecting the course so it is playable in the winter and can recover and be presented to the highest standard possible in the season. An example of such an area is to the right of the 6th green which is now a No Play Zone marked with signage and a Drop Zone for free relief, pictured below. These zones will always be clearly marked and it will be appreciated if you use the Drop Zone to play.

Finally, the bunkers that are waterlogged will be marked with a blue stake to indicate they are out of play and free relief may also be taken from these. See 2nd hole bunker for example.

Hopefully, the storm we have just experienced is the worst we see this winter, the course can recover and the adjustments described in this message will enable you to enjoy your golf.

Keep an eye on the daily Course Updates for more information. Thank you