Team Matches


To play in Team Matches:

a) All seniors are reminded, they are eligible to play in team matches, and are encouraged to take part.

b) Seniors wishing to make themselves available for team matches, should register their interest by requesting to be added to the seniors team on the V1 hub app and ticking availability box or putting their name and handicap on the “Availability Sheet” posted on the notice-board relating to the particular fixture.

c) Seniors can, if they wish, register their interest for future matches by the V1 hub app.

d) The Seniors’ Vice Captain /Teams Organiser selects the team from Seniors who have declared their interest. Selection is carried out on a democratic basis.

e) The format for matches sees the players playing in pairs off 90% of the difference in handicap. This is taken from the player with the lowest handicap. Example lowest handicap = 12. Personal handicap 20. Difference =8.   90% of 8= 7 shots received.

f) Each match is followed by a meal, with the convention of drinks usually being provided by the home team.

The Seniors matches enable players to experience different courses and to mix socially with seniors from other clubs.


Please click here for the 2024 team’s fixture list

Steve Hinton

Seniors’ Vice Captain and Teams Organiser