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PGA Coach Simon’s winter practice with GC3

The clocks have changed, the temperature is dropping and so dedication to winter practice is what is needed for your game to stay in shape through what’s left of 2022 and into the 2023 season.

PGA Cach Simon Gabbitas knows this and is taking advantage of the brilliant Foresight Bays at Hagley GC’s Range & Academy to add extra value to his winter practice. Simon says, “It’s great to have the Foresight Bays with GC3 launch monitor available for practice this winter. Knowing I can trust the data for every shot I hit and keep my game sharp using all the software’s features like Skill Challenges etc. is invaluable as part of my winter practice. Tracking performance over time through the brilliant FSX Live site allows me to keep an eye on trends and monitor improvements. I really hope other golfers use this to make more of their practice this winter.”

For more information on Foresight Bays click HERE

Range members £10 including 75 balls

GC members 20% discount applies

Book your Foresight Bay online HERE