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Range, Pro Shop & Course Update

Foresight Bays available at exclusive price for GC members

This winter the brilliant Foresight Bays are available to you as GC members at no extra cost. This means you can use all the tech in these the bays at the price of your already discounted range balls:

100 balls £6.50

75 balls £5.50

50 balls £4.50

We recommend that you book your bay in advance to ensure you can take advantage of this offer. Follow the link HERE and click the book now button on the page to book your Foresight Bay.

Christmas Draw enters second week

The draw is proving very popular and with prizes including £550 for a driver plus fitting. Scotty Cameron putter and Vokey wedges it look like the last few numbers will soon be gone. Head into the Pro Shop and get your name down so you don’t miss your chance!

Work on the course continues in the frost and rain

Despite the challenging conditions the greens team have been able to complete the work on the raised bed in the corner of the putting green (pictured below). This will look great when planted in readiness for the Spring next year. The slabbing for the path from the car park to the putting green will be completed next week.

Thanks to the paths the team have been able to access areas of the course even in the very wet conditions of the last few days. This has allowed them to trim low hanging branches from trees at the edges of fairways to tidy them up and clear the line of sight through toward the hole. Another task completed has been the application of iron sulphate onto the putting greens. Iron sulphate is a moss killer and lawn fertiliser. It works by drying out and preventing moss from photosynthesizing, while also providing essential nutrients to the grass that can help promote healthy growth. The right amount of iron sulphate kills moss within just four days, and the moss turns from green to yellow or brown, which means that it’s dying off.

Hopefully the weather turns around and we all get the opportunity to play and get back to work on the course fully very soon.