Fun Competitions


Scramble tournaments involve teams of 2, 3, or 4 golfers. In a Scramble tournament each team member tees off on every hole. After the initial tee shots, the team selects the best shot out of their teammates and then each team member plays their next shot from that spot. This continues throughout the rest of the shots on the hole including putting. A player is allowed to place the ball within 6”of the spot of the best shot, but not nearer to the hole. The scramble is often played as stroke play event with the team with the lowest cumulative score after 18 holes winning.

Match Play

Match play is a hole-by-hole competition where the golfer who makes the best score on the individual hole wins that hole. The player who wins the most holes throughout the match is the winner. In match play you are going up against your opponent in head to head competition.No Give me.

Stroke Play

Stroke play is an 18 hole cumulative score competition where the golfer with the best overall score after 18 holes wins. In stroke play you are going up against the course and trying to out play your fellow competitors. No Give Me.

Better/Best Ball

A Better/Best Ball tournament involves teams of 2, 3, or 4 golfers and can be played as match or stroke play. Each team member plays their own ball throughout the round. After each hole, the lowest score from each team member is the score for that team on the hole. For instance, on a par 4 for team 1 golfer A makes a 5 while golfer B makes a 4 and team 2 golfer C makes a 3 while golfer D makes a 6; so team 1 would use golfer B’s score of 4 and team 2 would use golfer C’s score of 3. The team with the lowest best ball score at the end of 18 holes wins. Strong players, low handicappers or scratch golfers, could play individually against a 2 or 3 person team playing best ball.

With larger teams of 3 or 4 golfers you can play 2 Best Balls format, where you take the top two scores from the team members after each hole as the team score.

Four Ball Better Ball

Four Ball format is played with teams of two and uses a better ball scoring method. It can be played as either match play or stroke play. Each golfer plays their own ball during the entire match. For match play, at the end of each hole the golfer with the lowest score wins the hole for their team, earning a point. The team with the most points at the end of the round wins. An example: after hole 1, for team 1 player A scored 5 and player B scored 6, for team 2 player C scored 4 and player D scored 5. Player C has won hole 1 for team 2, earning their team a point. For stroke play, the team’s score on each hole is that of the lowest scoring team member. The team with the lowest score at the end of the round wins.


The Stableford format is a stroke play tournament that can be played as an individual or team event using a points system in which the goal is to gain the highest score. A Stableford uses a points system established in the Rules of Golf, under rule 32, and are as follows:

  • More than 1 over fixed score (or no score returned) – 0 points [Double Bogey or Worse]
  • One over fixed score – 1 point [Bogey]
  • Fixed score – 2 points [Par]
  • One under fixed score – 3 points [Birdie]
  • Two under fixed score – 4 points [Eagle]
  • Three under fixed score – 5 points [Double Eagle]
  • Four under fixed score – 6 points

The golfer or team who has the highest score after 18 holes is the winner.

A Modified Stableford is where you play using a points system other than those set in the Rules of Golf. For example, a past PGA Tour event The International used the following scale:

  • Double Eagle: 8 points
  • Eagle: 5 points
  • Birdie: 2 points
  • Par: 0 points
  • Bogey: -1 point
  • Double Bogey or Worse: -3 points

In a Modified Stableford if handicaps aren’t being used, the points system may be skewed to give every player a fair chance. By categorizing players into flights based upon skill level you can then assign each flight their own point values. For instance, better players in flight A will be awarded 0 points for par while weaker players in flight B will be awarded 1 point for par.

Yellow Ball Stableford  Competition Two cards, one for the yellow Ball comp and one for the Stableford comp. Can be played as a team match. 2 ,3 or 4s The team that keeps the yellow ball in play for the full 18 holes is the winner of the yellow ball completion. If  the yellow ball is deemed out of play(Lost), normal golf rules apply). that team is deemed out of the yellow ball part of the competition. You should continue play as a normal stableford  comp.  Each team member takes a turn using the Yellow ball until it is lost. Each team goes first second or last is chosen by that team.


Matchplay game for teams of two where both partners drive  they choose the best drive and then play alternate shots for the rest of hole as in foursomes. For handicap matchplay, take the combined greensomes handicaps of both teams (Lower handicap x 0.6 plus higher handicap x 0.4) and the lower pair gives the full difference.

3+1 Club

Play in teams of 2 or 4.

Each player will have chosen what 3 clubs to use and a putter. Can be played as a stabelford.

Waltz 1,2,3

Teams of three. One player to score on the First, Two to score on the second All to score on the Third. Can be played as for stableford points.

Reverse Waltz

As above 3 to score two to score one to score.