Welcome to your membership at Hagley GC

Thank you for completing the membership process and we can’t wait to see you here soon. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you once again and share information that will help you make the most of your time here as part of Hagley GC. You will have the opportunity to review this information when you collect your new members pack from one of our Golf Club representatives over the next few days. Your invite to collect this will be with you in the next few days.

Please read the information and view the videos below. We hope many of the questions you might have will be answered! We know joining a new Golf Club is a big step so we’ll keep in touch over th first few months of your membership to make sure your happy! Please look out for our messages or feel free to contact us anytime at membership@hagleygolfclub.co.uk

What you need to know….
  1. Membership matrix

Will add matrix for 5 day members and lady members

2.The Club House and Locker Rooms (picture presentation describing Club House and locker room entry process)


Content due from Matt and Gareth by mid Feb

3. How to get a handicap and then enter competitions (picture presentation of Club V1 and locker room score entry etc)

Content due from Matt and Gareth by mid Feb

4. On course etiquette (video content from GC officers and Pro staff incl. dress code and course care)

Content due from Matt, Brian and Gareth by mid Feb

Click here for guidance on how to look after the golf course

5. Click here for important documents including Risk Assessments, Traffic Policy and Golf Course Management Policy

6. Who’s who (picture, title and and how to find them via Club V1)

Content due from Matt and Gareth by mid Feb

7. How do I find someone to have a game with if I don’t know other GC members already?

Maybe as part of the handover of welcome pack we have a list of names of GC members that have volunteered to arrange games with new GC members? They can then contact them via Club v1?

8. Where can I get help on the rules of golf?

Click here for the R&A’s Rules of Golf Guide. If you have any questions on how to use the guide or specific to local rules at Hagley GC please ask any of the staff at the Range & Academy.

Dear …………

Making the most of your membership

Tip: ideally start with something personal to them, to make it feel less like a generic email.

At ……….. Golf Club we are committed to ensuring every member has an enjoyable experience and makes the most out of their membership. We appreciate that it can take time settle into club life and we actively support our members to settle in by (list below what your club does to help people settle in. Examples include):

  • One to one chat with GC member’s representative our staff and volunteers are always here to help.
  • Buddy Scheme: we pair you up with an established member to help you find your feet.
  • New member events: a chance to get to know other new members and some of our more established ones.
  • Group and individual coaching: our Head Professional and his team are always on hand to help you get better and integrate into the club.
  • Help to find a social group that suits your availability.
  • Get a handicap: we can assist you get a handicap and enter competitions (if you want to) – they aren’t as daunting as you might think, and we have some great, fun team competitions.

Welcome Pack This pack should include all the relevant information about the club. Try and make sure the format is welcoming, digestible and informative.

Induction Session Have a friendly chat over a coffee to find out why they’ve joined and what they want from their golf experience. Include a club tour and introductions to key volunteers and staff where possible.

Volunteer Buddies Allocate a Buddy to each new member who wants one. They can help the new member to settle in, get to know how the clubs work and answer any questions.

New Member Event Invite them to a New Member Event. Maybe include the option of some informal golf and plenty of chances for people to get to know each other.

Socialisation Introduce new members to like-minded people and groups, who play at a time when they want to. Buddies can help to do this.

Coaching Ensure there is regular group coaching opportunities, preferably with some on-course sessions. This is a great way to help new members build relationships and comfortable out on the course.

Get Competition Ready For those wanting to play in competitions, help them to get a handicap index and enter competitions. Arrange competitions specifically for new members and get them involved in friendly matches and away days. Regular Communications Get in touch regularly to check how they are getting on and if they would like further support

Please get in touch if you would like to take up any of the above opportunities, or if there is anything that you would like to discuss. We’re also always keen to hear feedback from new members on their experience so we can continue to improve our offer.

Best regards